Books That Grow Improves Test Scores

Research demonstrate that students with special needs perform better when they are given access to the general education curriculum with appropriate supports. Don't give them 'Baby Books,' give them Books That Grow.

Our solution provides TEKS aligned texts - appropriate for ALL students - with built-in scaffolds for students with special needs. With Books That Grow, teachers can maintain rigor, while making their classrooms accessible. See an example below





Example2 Same text at different reading levels

Books That Grow Lowers Instructional Costs

Books That Grow is the one solution that can serve ALL of your learners - Advanced, At-level, and Special Needs. This is because Books That Grow was designed for inclusion, not remediation. At just $2000 per school, Books That Grow delivers more value than reading intervention products that cost 5 times as much.  


Books That Grow Reduces Teacher Workloads


Teachers love Books That Grow. Why? Because Books That Grow takes the work out of differentiating instruction and materials for students with special needs. It’s easy to use and provides immediate value.

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Does Books That Grow make it easy for teachers to support students with sepecial needs? Just ask these educators

  • Sabina Bharwani
    Managing Director Of Innovation
    Teach For America

    "What impresses me most about Books That Grow is its ability to engage and motivate every student in the classroom while eliminating achievement inhibitors such as fear, embarrassment, or defeat."

  • Clare Timmis
    COMPASS Youth Collaborative

    “Now, all of our students can think critically on a shared topic, and contribute to a vibrant discussion. We have data showing tremendous reading growth of our Student thanks To Books That Grow!”

  • Irvin Weathersby
    Adult Educator
    Queens Public Library

    "Books That Grow allowed me to teach the same text to multiple readers and ultimately increase their fluency. I was able to facilitate group discussions and give individualized time to my weakest readers."