A research study conducted over two years demonstrates that students using Books That Grow made greater year-over-year reading gains than similar students who do not use Books That Grow

For the State of North Carolina, Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools (CMS), and Books That Grow users within CMS, we compared the % of overall students who scored 'Grade Level Reading Proficient' in end-of-year testing, examining a cohort of students who finished 7th grade in 2016 and 8th grade in 2017. Books That Grow users demonstrated greater year-over-year growth as shown below:


Across the North Carolina, and within CMS, the % of students qualifying as 'Grade Level Reading Proficient' is lower in the 8th grade year then the 7th grade year. As a result, we see negative values in the chart below. However, Books That Grow users made positive (or far less negative) year-to-year gains. Students with Limited English Proficiency made the strongest year-over-year growth.


This study was conducted using end-of-year test data reported by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction for the 2015-2016 and 2016-2017 school year, examining the results of 117,000 students statewide, 11,000 students in Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools (CMS), and 218 students within the Books That Grow CMS cohort.


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