“Books That Grow helped me engage adults who formerly were reluctant readers. Each of my students showed marked gains in comprehension and fluency”.
— Irvin Weathersby, Adult Literacy Instructor, Queens Public Library

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Daniel L, Gifted 8th Grade Student, Academy at Lincoln, Greensboro NC

"In the past, not all of my classmates were able to read the same book as each other due to reading level, but with Books That Grow we can enjoy a text as a class! Books That Grow has really changed the way I read and I look forward to reading more from their prodigious library."


Dr. Denise Hoy, Fayetteville Alternative High School, Fayetteville, AK

"One student who is not a strong reader led the class discussion of, ‘The Yellow Wallpaper,’ after reading a leveled version on Books That Grow. He was so proud of himself and has since had other successes due to the confidence that Books That Grow has given him."


Katie Owens, ELA Resource Teacher at Coulwood STEM Academy, Charlotte NC

"I've seen a particular student - who never engages - read and listen to stories on Books that Grow and really engage with the story. She was giggling and giving expression as she read it on her level on Books That Grow. I didn't even have to explain what was happening in the story."

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Sabina Bharwani, Managing Director of Innovation, Teach for America

"What impresses me most about Books That Grow is its ability to engage and motivate every student in the classroom while eliminating achievement inhibitors such as fear, embarrassment, or defeat."

Peter Levrai, Senior Instructor, English for Academic Purposes, University of Macau

“Students really appreciate the ability to adjust the reading level. Some students read at a lower level to understand the story and then read it again at a higher level while other students started at a challenging level and moved down if/when they encountered difficulty.”

Clare Timis, Director, COMPASS Youth Collaborative

“Thanks to content that is relevant to their lives, and is leveled accordingly, all of our students can think critically on a shared topic, and contribute to a vibrant discussion. We Have Data Showing Tremendous Reading Growth Of Our Students. Many Thanks To Books That Grow!”

With Books That Grow, you can engage students of all ages and all ability levels and 'grow' them into better readers.