Do you need texts that are age-appropriate, curriculum aligned, and accessible? We've got you covered

Every text within Books That Grow is available in at least three different levels of complexity. The assessment questions, just like the texts, are also leveled.

Here's an example of the same text at different reading levels, taken from Edgar Allen Poe’s The Tell-Tale Heart.





Example2 Same text at different reading levels

Modify instructional materials with just a click - It's that easy!


Set specific reading levels for each student or decide whether or not students can increase or decrease the level of difficulty themselves. By assigning the same text, but at different reading levels, you give every student a chance to particpate in a rich classroom discusion.

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Hello, World!


Monitor Progress and Adjust Reading Levels as Needed

View reading progress for your entire class and for specific students. Review quiz results and short answer essays from your teacher dashboard. Adjust each student’s reading level needed.  


What happens when you can assign the same text at different reading levels? See what these educators have to say about Books That Grow?

  • Sabina Bharwani
    Managing Director Of Innovation
    Teach For America

    "What impresses me most about Books That Grow is its ability to engage and motivate every student in the classroom while eliminating achievement inhibitors such as fear, embarrassment, or defeat."

  • Clare Timmis
    COMPASS Youth Collaborative

    “Now, all of our students can think critically on a shared topic, and contribute to a vibrant discussion. We have data showing tremendous reading growth of our Student thanks To Books That Grow!”

  • Irvin Weathersby
    Adult Educator
    Queens Public Library

    "Books That Grow allowed me to teach the same text to multiple readers and ultimately increase their fluency. I was able to facilitate group discussions and give individualized time to my weakest readers."