Books That Grow Improves Reading Comprehension and Fluency

How does Books That Grow improve test scores? By giving struggling readers access to the 'same' text as their peers, but with the support they need.  Your students cannot 'Grow' into better readers, and critical thinkers, without access to rigorous, grade level materials. 


Texts that Challenge and Support Every Student

  • Engaging fiction and non-fiction library
  • Three different reading levels in every text
  • Adaptive technology that differentiates for each student
  • Built-in dictionary, read-aloud, and text-to-speech

Supports for Close Reading and Critical Thinking

  • Students can leave notes, highlights and tags within texts
  • Teachers can read students annotations
  • Built-in writing prompts and assessments

Standards Aligned Lessons and Reports

  • Lessons that drill down on specific skills
  • Automatically graded quizzes
  • Dashboards that show standards mastery

Easy to use and Supports Any Instructional Model

  • Teachers can ‘drive’ or ‘guide’
  • Great for guided reading, workshops, and small groups
  • Independent reading library for students
  • Differentiate for SpED and ESL without sacrificing rigor