Going 1 to 1 or getting a laptop cart? Great! We differentiate instructional materials for you, so you can focus on teaching


Scaffolding Built into Every Text

  • Engaging fiction and non-fiction library
  • Three different reading levels in every text
  • Technology that differentiates for you
  • Built-in dictionary, read-aloud, and text-to-speech

Supports for Close Reading and Critical Thinking

  • Students can leave notes, highlights and tags within texts
  • Teachers can read students annotations
  • Built-in writing prompts and assessments

Standards Aligned Lessons and Reports

  • Lessons that drill down on specific skills
  • Automatically graded quizzes
  • Dashboards that show standards mastery

Supports Any Instructional Model

  • Teachers can ‘drive’ or ‘guide’
  • Great for guided reading, workshops, and small groups
  • Independent reading library for students
  • Differentiate for SpED and ESL without sacrificing rigor