Farrah Gray: A Financial Fairy Tale
Farrah Gray’s is the inspiring story of an inner-city youth whose entrepreneurial spirit and work ethic helped him to escape poverty and achieve his dreams. At the age of six, Gray went door to door selling rocks that he’d painted gold. “The two most important times in a person's life are when we were born and when we find out why we were born,” says Farrah Gray. “When we're able to find out why we were born,” he says, “then we have found our area of excellence.” Farrah Gray was driven from an early age to contribute to his family and community. By using his intelligence, ingenuity and sense of service he rose to the top of the business world. This book offers a stunning example of someone who achieved his dreams through work and ingenuity, not luck or family pedigree. It’s a wonderful book for students. Farrah Gray’s advice will help students figure out what they’re great at and, perhaps even, what they want to do with their lives.

Author: Greg Kirmser

Interest Levels: 7 - 9

Reading Levels: 3, 5, 7, 9