Demo videos to help you use Books That Grow like a pro!


For Teachers

View student notes, highlights, and annoations

This video will walk you through the step by step process to view the notes, highlights, and annoations that your students leave in text while reading from Books That Grow

For Teachers

Creating Student Accounts & Classrooms

This 2 minute video clearly explains the step-by-step process of signing up students, creating a classrom, and assigning students to classrooms.

For Teachers

Monitoring Student Progress

Books That Grow allows teachers to create and manage digital classrooms of students. With classes, teachers can assign books to students and monitor their reading progress as well as their assessment scores. This video explains the classes tab and it's different features.

For Teachers

Managing Reading Levels

Managing students reading levels is super easy with books that grow. With a few simple clicks you can change the reading level of your classes, books, or studenst. This video shows you how to effectively change reading levels in the Books That Grow App.

For Teachers

In-Text Reading & Annotation Tools

Books That Grow's Annoatation Tools help students read actively and think critically. Students can specificy literary devices or elements of authors craft, classify thier own annotations, access a built in dictionary and have text read aloud.

For Teachers

Assigning and Favoriting Books

Assigning books to your students is super simple with Books That Grow. You can easily favorite books to get quick access to books you want to read/ keep track of. This video shows you the ins and outs of favoriting and assign books.

For Students

Student Sign Up

Having trouble signing up for a student account? This video clearly explains the step by step process to creating your very own student account.