Alternative School Case Study
An Administrator’s Perspective on Books That Grow

Dr. Denise Hoy is the principal of Fayetteville Alternative High School, which serves students that can no longer attend a traditional high school. Some of her students have aged-out of the traditional school system, some were expelled from traditional schools and some are young parents. Most of her students are reading many years below their grade level and have developed a deep anxiety about reading. Below, Dr. Hoy answers questions about Books That Grow and how our company has positively impacted her her school.

How has Books That Grow changed instruction in your school?
“The titles that are available on Books That Grow have made it effortless to teach multiple ability levels. I am thrilled with the progress of my students who struggle with reading. The teacher packets that go with some of the stories have been great conversation starters. The websites connected with those packets have also been useful.”

What successes are your teachers having as a result of Books That Grow?
“I have had a number of successes with students who struggle with reading either because they do not like to read or are unable to read well. One student who is not a strong reader led the class discussion of, ‘The Yellow Wallpaper,’ after reading it with Books That Grow. He was so proud of himself and has since had other successes due to the confidence that Books That Grow has given him.”

How has Books That Grow helped your students, in terms of ability, motivation, engagement etc.?
“The successes they have had using Books That Grow to read short stories have given them the confidence to try other pieces of literature. The students do not know at what level their teacher has chosen for them to read, which allows them to gain the confidence of being able to read and understand the selection, then believe they are more capable when handed another, text-based piece.”

Would you recommend Books That Grow to other schools and school districts?
“Absolutely! If one has students who struggle to read and comprehend one MUST utilize this program.”

How easy or difficult was it to begin using Books That Grow? Did Books That Grow provide adequate professional development and support?
“The setup was very simple. The tech support has been amazing! I have never had a question that was not answered within hours and often within minutes!”

Have you been able to attract any additional funding or resources to your school on account of using Books That Grow?
“I was able to get two classroom sets of Google Chromebooks for each English teacher in my school because of the feedback of the teachers, students, and the administrators.”